Plural Nouns Worksheets

What Are Plural Nouns?

When a variety of multiple nouns indicate more than one in a sentence it implies a plural noun in it. You add s or es at the end of the singular word to make the sentence a plural form. For example, one cat is a singular noun, but five cats will be a plural noun. In the English language, there are regular and irregular plural nouns. We will follow the standard rule for regular plurals, but you will not use the main rule for the irregular rule. We will start our sentence making by using regular nouns as an established pattern to show one or more things. We can only recognize plural nouns by marking ('s' or 'es') at the end of the sentence. We will call it a plural suffix that is ('s' or 'es') to most alphabets. For Example: Dog - Dogs | Zebra - Zebras | Car - Cars | Flower - Flowers | Bear - Bears. We will use the second plural suffix 'es' after using the words sounds s, z, sh, ch, and j. Class - Classes | Mango - Mangoes | Fox - foxes | Tomato - Tomatoes | Potato - Potatoes. We will also use a plural suffix after removing 'y' at the end of the word to make it a plural noun. Fry - Fries | Butterfly - butterflies | Sky - skies | Blackberry - blackberries | Cherry - cherries.

Making Count Nouns Plural

Count each set of count nouns. Write the correct plural form of the noun on the line. Follow the example.

The Underline

Complete each sentence by making the underlined singular nouns plural.

Non-count Words

An non-count noun names something that you cannot count. Sometimes a non-count noun can be measured, like soup or pudding.

How Do You Write That?

Use each non-count noun in a sentence. Do not add -s to non-count nouns.


Correct the plural errors in the following sentences.

Missing Chart

Fill in the blanks with the missing singular or plural noun.

Irregular Plurals

Circle the correct plural form of the noun in parentheses.

Write with Subject

Most singular nouns can be made plural by adding an -s. For nouns that end in x, z, s, sh, and ch, form the plural by added -es to the end of the word.

Plurals vs. Possessives

Underline the correct noun form and explain why it is correct.

Transfer It

Make the underlined singular noun in each sentence plural.

Make These Irregulars Shift

We review all the skills that we have explored so far.

What's My Name?

Then write the plural form of the name of each picture on the line.


Rewrite the sentences below so that the underlined noun is plural.


Use all that you have learned to post corrections to what the author has written.