Preposition Worksheets

What are Prepositions?

Prepositions are components of a sentence that talk about the position of the subject or object in a sentence. They indicate the position of anything by comparing its placement or location with respect to its surroundings. For example, if we say that 'the book is on the table.' We are referring to its position with respect to the table that is present in its surroundings. Being on the table tells the reader that the book is kept on the table. Here we cannot use a preposition 'above,' which is somehow similar to 'on.' 'Above' is used if an object hovers above anything and is not in contact with another object.

Underline the Preposition

The student finds the prepositions in the sentences.

Identifying Them

Read each sentence and point out all of our favorite friends.

Make Sense?

Replace the incorrect preposition with one that makes sense.

Replace the Preposition

Students write a preposition that better suits the sentence.

Got a Better Idea?

Move some things around to make this one sound better.

Which Does It?

Replace the word that makes the sentence fail to work.


What word has us off the path?

Fix the Underlines

You have sentences with incorrect words underlined, replace them.

Lacks Something

Fill each blank to make each sentence work.

Fill in the Blanks

Place the preposition into the sentence that best completes the sentence.