Pronoun Worksheets

What Are Pronouns?

Pronouns are the words that we use instead of a noun. When we use the name of the same person again and again in one sentence, it will not sound good that much. For example, Jennifer has to study a course plan for Jennifer to examine that Jennifer wants to pass by good grades. You need to polish this sentence as it looks irrelevant. So, we should replace a particular noun by something that makes the sentence intuitive in reading, and that is only a pronoun—replacing a person’s name, any place, anything, or idea that express the existence of something or someone will be the best way to make an organized sentence. There are different pronouns for multiple nouns. For example, Name of female (noun) = She (pronoun) | Name of a male (noun) = He (pronoun) | Name of anything (noun) = It (pronoun) | Name of different things (noun) = They (pronouns) | Name of a person singular (noun) = I (pronoun) | Name of a second person (noun) = You (pronoun) | Name of a group of a noun (noun) = We (pronoun). The sentence mentioned above will be; 'Jennifer has to study a course plan for her to give an exam that she wants to pass by good grades.'

Pronouns and Antecedents

Find them in the sentences and underline them.

Personal Pronouns

Give each of these sentences exactly what they are missing.

Practice Using Pronouns

Underline the pronoun error in each sentence. Write the correct pronoun on the line.

Subject Pronouns

Choose a pronoun from the box to take the place of the subject noun in each sentence.

Which One?

Complete each sentence with an appropriate word.

Subjects and Objects

Is the missing pronoun in each sentence being used as a subject or an object?

Practice Sentences

Rewrite each sentence, replacing the underlined words.


Spot the possessives within each sentence.

Finish It

Find the word that completes each of the sentences.

What Phrase?

Write a phrase on the line underneath each picture that uses a possessive pronoun. Follow the example.

Write Sentences

Now write a sentence that uses each of the following words correctly, as either a subject or object.


Is the missing pronoun in each sentence being used as a subject or an object? Write the correct word on the line.

Where Is It?

A pronoun can be the subject of a sentence, or it can be the direct object of an action verb or preposition.


Rewrite each sentence below, replacing the underlined words.

Replacing Nouns

Rewrite the second sentence in each set, replacing the subject noun(s) with a pronoun(s).