Simile Worksheets

What are Similes?

The English Language is full of wonderful things. Everything that we learn is something new and unique. And most of all, fun! While you might think that there are mostly complicated things in the language, that is usually not true. One such example are similes. Do you know what they are? Let's take a look! A figure of speech that compares two different things with each other in an interesting way is known as simile. We use similes in sentences so that they read better and most of all, spark an interest in the listener's and reader's mind. Similes are a figurative form of speech. They help in better understanding what the speaker is trying to say. We use similes in daily conversations without even realizing that they are similes! Some examples are:
She is as busy as a bee.
The flash is as quick as lightning.
The weather is as cold as ice!

Complete the Blank

Simile fill in the blanks.

Identifying Similes

What is missing in the sentences?

Contain My Thoughts

Use these words to write a sentence containing a simile.

Sentence Me

Write sentences that work the these words.

Contain Me

Take your time to pick these things in a line.

In a Sentence

Write a sentence that contains what we need.

Describe It

Which words are you focused on.

What's Missing?

Where do you go through with this sentence?

Draw Me

Draw an illustration that shows the meaning of a chosen simile.

Like or As

Similes often use the words like or as when making the comparison.

Ending Off

Complete each simile in your own way

One Word

Complete each sentence with a simile. Include an illustration with each sentence!

One Word

Which word would you use to finish this off?

What's the Work?

The biggest fix you need for these sentences.

The Doughnut

Just like doughnuts these sentences have holes.