Simple Subjects Worksheets

What Are Simple Subjects?

A single noun or pronoun is a simple subject that we connect with a verb. Typically, Authors use simple subject before the verb in a sentence. There is another type of complete subject have modifiers such as adjectives, prepositional phrases, and relative clauses. There is a possibility that it has only one unmodified thing, place, idea, or person. All complete sentences must have at least a straightforward subject. Examples: All underlined words in a sentence are simple subjects. Cats are good pets. The underlined word relates the sentence. We can also use two different subjects in one sentence. For example, Jackson and peter live in Florida. You will see simple subject alone in a sentence as a noun. For example, a person, thing, place, or idea. Planes fly in the air. The underlined word is a simple subject and representing as a single noun that connects with a verb (fly). A central focus of the sentence is a simple subject. Planes fly in the air. The underlined word is a simple subject as don’t we understand the main idea of the sentence. The simple subject gives us more information about the noun. Fast jet planes fly in the air. Fast is modifier and plane are simple subjects. Jet is not a simple subject as it only gives extra information about what type of plane the author wants to discuss in the sentence. Jet is not a simple subject.

Picture It

Look at each picture. For each picture, write a sentence with a simple subject.

Find It!

Breakdown each sentence and find where it is missing something.

Sentence Watcher

Look at the series of sentences and find that simple subject.

Only One

Rewrite each sentence including only the simple subject.

Sentence Scramble

Unscramble each sentence.

Simple Drops

Rewrite each sentence with only the simple subject.

Plop It In

Add articles or possessive adjectives as needed.


What is found in the sentence?

Picture Sentences

Write a sentence about each picture.

Simple or Complete?

Sort each set of words into the right box.

Write It

Find the simple subject in each sentence. Then rewrite the sentence.

Picture Sentences

Write a sentence with a simple subject about each picture.

Simple or Complete?

Are the underlined words the simple subject (SS) or a complete subject (CS)? Write your answer on the line.

How Simple?

Write a sentence about each picture.

Delete Words

Rewrite the sentences, deleting words as necessary so that the sentence only has a simple subject.


Put the words in the correct order to make a sentence. Then underline the simple subject of the sentence.

More Exercises

Remember that a sentence begins with a word with a capital letter and ends with a period.

Sentence Switch

Switch around the words to make the sentences go right.

Sentence Swap

Find the way to rearrange the words to make it work.

Pay Attention

It is helpful to build around the subject.