Verbal Worksheets

What are Verbals?

Verbals works as another form of verb that is one of the part of speeches of English language. It is an either form that is similar to noun, adverb, or adjective, etc. There are three major kinds of verbal that is infinitives, gerunds, and participles. We use participle one of the types of verbal acts as an adjective of part of speech. It helps in modifying nouns and pronouns then, we will consider them either present participle or past participle. We also use participial phrase to incorporate the complements, participle, modifiers, etc. Verbal gerunds are another type of verbal that act as a noun, but we will end it in -ing form. The gerund phrases add the gerund including complements and modifiers. If we talk about the work of gerunds as nouns, its phrases function as an indirect objects, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, or objects of a preposition in a sentence. Determine gerund versus present participle whether a phrase or word acts or not. Replacing it with the term something would be the best way of it. Infinitive is also another type of verbal that usually writers start it with the term ‘to’. All modifiers, infinitives, and complements will also be the part of verbal infinitive phrase. Both infinitive phrases and infinitive work as parts of speech such as adverbs, adjectives, and nouns. When verbal infinitives work as nouns, they either function as predicate nominatives, subjects, direct objects, etc.

Writing with Infinitives

Write a sentence that uses each infinitive as indicated.

What Is It?

On the line write whether the sentence contains an infinitive, a participle, or a gerund.


Use each verbal in a sentence. On the line beside the verbal, indicate whether it is a gerund, a participle, or an infinitive in your sentence.


Underline the verbal phrases in each sentence. On the line, write whether it is a gerund (g), a participle (p), or an infinitive (I).


An infinitive is the word "to" plus a verb. Infinitives can be used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.

Combining Sentences with Infinitives

Use an infinitive phrase to combine each pair of sentences.

Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

Write sentences that use the gerunds and gerund phrases as the part of speech indicated.

Gerund or Infinitive?

Circle the correct verbal to complete each sentence.


An infinitive is the word "to" plus a verb. Infinitives can be used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.

Writing with Gerunds

Write sentences that use each gerund as indicated.


Underline the participial phrase in each sentence.

What They Are and How To Identify Them.

A super helpful series of rules to learn and sum up.

What Kind of Verbal?

Each sentence below contains either an infinitive, a participle, or a gerund. Write which it is on the line.


Choose the correct participle form of each word to complete the sentence.

Combining Sentences

Use the bolded word to create a participial phrase to combine the two sentences. Be sure to use commas correctly.