Beginnings and Endings of Words Worksheets

What Are Initial and Ending Consonants?

In alphabets, there are two types of letters. These are consonants and vowels. Any letter that is not a vowel is a consonant. There are five vowels, including a, e, I, o, and u, all others are consonants. When developing a concept of consonants, you will come across two types, and these include initial and ending consonants. So, what are initial and ending consonants? In a series or a group of consonants where each of it does its own thing, we refer to this as a blend (consonant blend). These blends can be used to form endless words. If a blend is at the front of the word, we refer to it as "initial." If the blend is at the end of the word, we call it "final."

Matching Initial Words and Pictures

Look at each picture. Say the word. Listen for the sound of the letter b. Circle the beginning or ending sound.

Farm Animal Words

Look at each farm animal. Say the word. Listen to the sound of the consonant at the beginning of the word. Write it on the line.

Matching Words and Pictures

Look at the pictures in Column 1. Draw a line to the word in Column 2 that names the picture.