Literary Terms Worksheets

What are Common Literary Terms?

Writers and speakers use literary terms in their writing materials by using technique, style, and formatting. It makes writing composition with master emphasis and strengthen logic. The comic writers make their stories able to laugh by using literary terms that include playful techniques. They also use witty tricks to express new words and phrases. There should be an integration of persuasion tools to catch readers focus and track the audience's action. Geared the logical and emotional thinking by using suitable literary terms to challenge the reader's daily means of sagacity. Writers also use literary terms to give a touch of powerful figurative language in their writing material. In this way, readers feel emotions that range from guilt, anger to bliss and they dream about magical and attractive scenes of the story. It means they enter into the world that author want to explain. By using literal terms, you can use your words in a well-arranged form to give the feel of rhythm and musicality in songs, proses, and poems, etc. These terms also help author to animate his/her story with the addition of character development, actions, and wealth of details. In this way, people enter into real world of the story as an impact of literal term's usage. With the use of these terms, you will have a broad room of space from poet's beauty, novel's story development, and speaker's persuasion.

Define Them

Write the meaning of each literary term.

Complete Sentences

Complete each sentence with the correct literary term.

What Is It?

We describe a terms, tell us what it is.

Do You Know Your Stuff?

What is the difference between personification and point of view? What is the difference between dialogue and soliloquy?

Define It

Match each literary term with its definition.

Fill In

Read each definition. Fill in the correct literary term.


Match each literary term to its definition.

Terms for Talking About Fiction

Example: A dramatic device in which a character speaks his or her thoughts aloud while alone is called a: ____________.

Used In Poetry

As you read the assignment, see if you can find an example of each literary device. Write the example in the box.

Parts of a Story

Write the literary term for each definition. In the box below each description, write an example of this device from the reading.


Match the literary device to its definition.

For Fiction

Define each term. Find an example of each in the story.

The Four Types of Conflict

Conflict in a story involving human characters can take four different forms. Identify the four forms of conflict and write the title of a story or book that is an example of each.

Literary Devices

Read the assignment. As you read, identify at least four different literary devices. Write the correct literary term to describe each device. Provide an example from the text.


When the narrator can only tell you about what he or she personally sees, hears, and or knows, the point of view is: _________.