Beginning Sounds Worksheets

How to Sound Out Beginning Sounds

As children begin to learn about letters and their sounds, you must make things better for them. In other words, you need to teach your child to recognize beginning sounds and then move towards the final ones. When students learn that every word has a distinct sound, it will make it easier for them to learn all of them. It is a prerequisite concept of phonic, known as phonemic awareness. The best part of teaching children about beginning sounds is that it is easy since the ending and medial sounds are tough to grasp. Now, there are different activities through which making beginning sounds becomes easier. For instance, you can use pictures and tell your students which of them produce the same sound. You can also ask the students to color the pictures with identical sounds.

Beginning Consonant Sounds

Circle the letter that is the beginning sound for each picture in the first column.

Spelling Circles

Complete the sentences by putting a circle around the correct spelling. These are words that have final consonant blends. Write the word on the line. Circle the final consonant blend in each word.

Consonant Blends

Look at the words. They end with consonant blends. Complete the words in Column 1 by matching them to the final consonant blends in Column 2.

Final Blends

Unscramble the words below. Look for final consonant blends. Write them on the line.

Picture Names

Look at the pictures. Say each picture name. Listen for the sound of the letter next to the picture. If the picture begins with the sound of the letter, circle the first letter. If it ends with the sound of the letter, circle the letter after the picture.

Ending Sounds

Look at each picture in Column 1. Listen to the ending sound for each picture. Find the letter for that sound in Column 2. Draw a line from the picture to the letter.