Vowel Digraph Worksheets

What Are Vowel Digraphs?

A better understanding of vowel digraph helps us in identifying common digraphs of English. With it, we can also represent example words and digraphs that we are going to highlight in a chart. Understand what is a digraph first? You can spell one sound of a word due to the combination of two letters that we call digraph. The word 'digraph' has two separate parts. 'Di' means two, and the graph indicates ' a written form.' Consonants and vowels have digraphs that relate to multiple features of English spelling. As a learner, you can fairly get consonant digraphs like + h or (sh) in a ship or c + h or ch in a chair. Learning vowel digraphs is challenging for students as they find two different vowel alphabets beside one another. Learn the central letter of a word to show one sound in a word. Doubled letters are vowel digraphs such as oo in the foot, and ee in a seed. Such digraphs will have different sounds as compared to the case when you find them in a single form. You can see a single presence of digraph in a word like one 'e' in a hen or 'o' pot. You will experience one sound in a word when you use a combination of two different vowel letters as vowel digraph.

-au- and -aw-

Complete the words below by adding the vowel digraph au or aw.

Where Is It?

Complete each sentence by using a word from the box. The words in the box contain vowel digraphs. Underline the vowel digraph in each word in the box.

ay | ai

Choose a word to complete each sentence.

Lots of Es

Fill in the missing letters. Write the word. There may be more than one answer.

au | aw Rocket

Choose a word from the box to complete each sentence.

Missing the Diagraphs

Write the missing letters on the lines.

Picture Match

Write the missing vowels for each picture.

Does It Have It?

Say the name of each picture. Circle the vowel diagraph that the word contains.

Locate It

Find where the vowel pair resides in each word.

oy, oi

Sort the words into the correct boxes.

Match The Pair

Which pair matches the word represented by the picture.

OO | oo

Which OO word is related to the picture.

oi | oy

Sort the words into the correct boxes. Then use the words to complete the sentences.

Match The Path

Color in the diagraph that matches each picture.

Long U Sound

Color the words with diagraphs that sound like a long U. Write three sentences. Use as many of the words that you colored as you can.

Mix It Up With: aw | au

A lot of different work with these types of words.

Different Sounds

Write a word that uses each vowel diagraph. For the vowel diagraphs that can make two different sounds, write a word that is an example of each sound that diagraph can make.