Picture Sentences Worksheets

How to Write Sentences from Pictures

It is famous that pictures talk, and the message become a base of description that we write by observing the photo. There are different ways of writing descriptions such as image description, caption, and Alt text. Steps for writing sentences from pictures - Make easy title that express the summary of the picture. It must be attention grabbing especially article-titles. Write photo description title that must be precise and concise. Use intuitive verbs and adjectives that should be according to your audience. Describe the given photo by using timeless details that express relevancy. It must be plagiarism free, vivid, and well-written. If you are describing the picture of you selling product, improve its product value. Readers demand information about who, what, why, when, where, how the pictures are. For this, you have to be specific for better understanding of photos. If you want to highlight the subject matter to your audience, you have to define the photo context well. You can also add small commentary to picture as it will help you in backlinking process for the best rank on the SERPs of Google. It will also your web content keyword stuffing as it will help you in getting the best ranking for the relevant keywords.

Draw a Line

Draw a line from the sentence to the picture it describes.

Choose One

Choose the sentence that correctly describes each picture.


You may need to read into these images a bit more.

Describe It

Which sentences describes what is happening in each image?

Best Describe It

You have to choose just one.

A Saturday Afternoon

Study the picture. Complete each sentence with a word from the box.

What's in the Picture?

What is going on? Use the picture to help you answer the questions.

True or False

Answer each question true or false. Correct the false sentences by writing correct sentences at the bottom of the page.

Food Pictures

Match each object with the sentence that it appears in.

At the Beach

These are all scenes that take place near the ocean.

Country Landscape

Use the picture to help you answer the questions.

Creature Pictures

If you know the critter, you can get these.

Dog Days

These crazy doggies start it up.

Time for Pie

Circle the letter of the sentence that describes what is going on in the picture.

Where People Live

People live inside all these structures.