Working Directions Worksheets

Tips for Helping Students Learn to Follow Directions

When you are a teacher teaching elementary students, you can find your students confused and struggling with their task-tracking abilities. Most of the students find it hard to understand and follow the directions in the question paper. This makes a teacher dread putting directions on their exam sheet. Even if they put them, they will go the extra mile to help their students understand them. Consider these tips below and make the following directions easier for your student. Keep your direction concise. Ensure you are using the easiest, most understandable vocabulary. Tell them why understanding directions is crucial. If you think you have been over-explaining your students, chances are you need to cut on this methodology because it keeps your students in the status quo. These are a few of the most basic tips to help students in following directions. You can mold and shape your methodology as you want.

Following Directions

Students work off of a set of given directions. Great for all levels.

Making Lists

Students create lists based on set criteria. We incorporate classification and sorting techniques.

Writing Your Own Directions

Students create directions based on various topics. Great for scientific method introduction.