Reading Analysis Worksheets

What is Reading Analysis?

Reading is a habit that improve your skills and make you efficient in understanding a field in which you are amateur. Reading analysis matters a lot for further efficiency as reading has different categories and styles like fiction, academic, ebook, short descriptions, etc. Read the reading deeply to understand the real meaning of the text with expanded vocabulary. The best reading analysis is breaking the written material into parts, grasp the ideas, then, critically analyze it with a suitable conclusion. Critical analysis of reading has different categories and ways that help in writing something with comprehensive concentration. Let's have a look at them! Survey - Whatever you write or create whether it is a blog or website, you will always need to conduct research about it. You can go through different best seller or published books, novels, or blogs. You can visit a highest ranked websites and their design for further ideas. Every work has its own language or a way of doing work that express the meaning of those styles. Like, if you are an amateur, you will know there is a thing of table of content, abstract, and index present. Record essential concept - If something touches to your heart while reading and you think it is highly relevant, highlight, summarize, or color code that information. You can mark the quotes and right the text precisely on a sticky notes.

My Prediction Is...

Make a prediction about the pictures. Write your predictions on the lines. Look at the picture. Predict what will happen next.

Tell Me About the Story

Take a look at a story and take a deep critical dive.

Making Predictions

Look at the picture. Think about what the objects might do next. Write your prediction on the lines. Use complete sentences.

Direct Me!

Look at the picture. Follow the directions.

Two Sentences

Write two sentences that tell about this picture. Make a prediction about what might happen next.