Upper Elementary Reading Comprehension Worksheets

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading comprehension skills is to understand the exact meaning of words and sentences. You can also learn new concepts and ideas with a deep understanding of what the author wants to convey. There are multiple ways by which you can improve your comprehensive skills. Let's have a look! Advance your memory - False sense of memory often creates when we have a false sense of information. But you can understand your reading material by retaining a correct information. For example, there is a list of characters in a famous novel and you know all of them. But it is enough to understand the whole story. Conveying simple message to the audience won't have an interesting impact as compared to the addition of different things that develop interest of the readers. For example, you discuss about different places of one beautiful city or country. You can write that Jennifer was sad and walking alone on the streets of New York city with her world of sagacity. Improve your dictionary skills - Read different authors especially those that relates to your writing style. If you are amateur in subject or a field upon which you have to write something, search related jargons. As you improve your vocabulary, your writing skills will polish further.

Ball Games

A ball is really simple, isn't it? It's round, it rolls on the ground, you can throw it, you can kick it and you can hit it with something. Balls come in all sizes from a small ping pong ball to a large beach ball. Balls can be hard objects or soft and balls can be solid like a baseball or hollow like a basketball. Have you ever thought about how many kinds of balls and ball games there are?

Where Does Chocolate Come From?

Chocolate that we eat starts with cacao trees, also called cocoa trees. Cacao trees grow in a warm climate like Central and South America, Africa or parts of Asia. This tree produces a seed pod and cocoa beans are the seeds inside the pod. Cocoa beans eventually become chocolate.

The Best Garden Helper

Many years ago I moved from the city to the country. One of the first things I did was to make large vegetable garden. It was hard work to change the grassy area to a fine garden. Imagine how much work it must have been for the early pioneer families to break the native sod by hand. I planted a full garden that first year – everything from root vegetables like carrots and beets to green beans, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, acorn squash, and melons. A root vegetable means that we eat the root of the plant that grows in the soil instead of the part that grows above ground.

Grandmothers, Baby Chicks and Other Things

Teachers have moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and grandmothers and grandfathers just like you do too. It's hard to think that once your teachers were kids like you are now. I'm your teacher and I'd like to tell you a little bit about when I was just five or six years old.

Labrador Retrievers

Do you know which breed of dog is the most popular in the United States right now? If you guessed the Labrador retriever, you are correct! Perhaps someone in your family or one of your friends has a lab, as they are called, at home.

A Bit About Peanut Butter

George Washington Carver lived from 1864 to 1943. At the beginning of the twentieth century he began America's love affair with the peanut and peanut butter when he studied how to grow peanuts in the southern part of the United States. In 1916 he published a research booklet called How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing It for Human Consumption, which included three recipes for peanut cookies.

The Family Piano

While there are lots of CD's in the store or you can download music, there's nothing like filling your home with your own music. If you have been thinking about learning how to play a musical instrument, think about playing the piano. A piano is one instrument that can easily be shared by the whole family, even to the point of playing duets. A duet is a piece of music that is sung or played by just two people.

Skiing in the Desert?

Have you heard about the city called Dubai? It is located in the desert on the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is both a city and like a state in the United States. In Arabia, states are called emirates and emirates are ruled by princes. The prince of Dubai is determined to make Dubai a location that attracts tourists from all over the world. The prince is using the latest in modern technology to create spectacular sights and experiences for visitors to Dubai to enjoy.

Snowshoe Rabbits

Do you think that a snowshoe rabbit wears snowshoes? Do you know what snowshoes are? Perhaps you live in a warm area like Florida where it doesn’t snow. You would then never need to wear snowshoes. This elf is wearing snowshoes. Snowshoes look like tennis racquets that you put on your feet.

Potholes for Ducks

Many birds in North America migrate every year. During the fall when the weather starts to get cold, migrating birds fly to the south, some as far as South America in order to stay warm and find food in the winter. Then they fly back north again in the spring in order to raise a family of babies in North America. Some birds stay in the United States in the warm weather but others like to go further north to Canada or even Alaska in the spring.