Middle School Reading Comprehension Worksheets

How Middle Schoolers Can Become Better Readers

Reading can be quite a daunting task for kids, with an attention span of 28-30 minutes, not all middle schoolers like spending hours reading. In such a case, a few hacks come handy! You may consider these tips if you want to improve your reading skills as a middle schooler. Read Books of Interest - While we lose focus after every second, reading can become boring and repetitive for you. Let's face it; visuals appear more of a treat than sentences stringing on a piece of paper to a kid. However, if you may, finding a book of interest might cater to you in unimaginable ways. You'll be transported to a world of your own. Precisely put, even your attention span escalates when you put your head on reading books of interest. Gradually Pace Towards Academic Course - All that speaks of knowledge appears mere boredom, to be exact. However, after developing a habit of reading – as discussed above, you might find reading your course books a lot easier than before but Ensure you're taking one step at a time and not juggling all these heavy-duty books on yourself. Read Without any Coercive Force - One of the best ways to improve reading as a middle schooler is to ensure you do not force yourself to read. Instead, when the reading gets boring, consider going for a stroll. You may get to retain your interest.

The Agony of Acne

Do you realize that 85 percent of Americans will experience acne at some point in their lifetime? But that number doesn't help you if you look at your face in the mirror and see a case of teenage acne. Most teens are upset with finding just one or two acne pimples. Imagine how devastating it feels to have a case of severe teenage acne.

The Clock behind Your Cell Phone

For many Americans carrying a cell phone has replaced the need for wearing a wrist watch. If you need to know what time it is, just flip open your cell phone. But have you ever wondered how your cell phone knows what the correct time is? The sophisticated technology behind the time in your cell phone is the atomic clock. Atomic clocks allow for precise synchronization of timing across the earth and into space that powers the Internet, GPS devices and all satellite communications.

Calling All Baseball Fans

Baseball fans are a dedicated group of people and still flock to the ball park whenever they can. The avid fan has a collection of baseball memorabilia that came from special promotions at the ball park. One of the special theme days at the ball park used to be "Father-Son Day" and during this promotion, boys were given a free baseball. The free promotional premiums handed out today aren't as expensive but fans treasure their tokens and these promotions are successful at bringing fans to the ballpark.

Coffee around the World

The coffee beverage that Americans so enjoy comes from a long process that begins with a plant that grows in mountains near the equator. This is why you hear the term "mountain grown" in commercials about coffee. The coffee plant produces a fruit like a cherry. The coffee bean used to make coffee is the like the cherry pit inside the cherry fruit.

Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country that attracts tens of thousands of U.S. tourists every year since it can easily be reached by plane from major U.S. cities. Costa Rica is a safe country for tourists to visit because Costa Rica maintains a good relationship with U.S. government and industry. Located just 90 miles northwest of San Jose, the capital city, the Arenal Volcano is a one of many active volcanoes in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Tails Matter When You're Talking About Deer

The whitetail deer of North America is instantly recognized by the flash of the erect fluffy white tail and white rump that indicate the flight response of this species of deer. It's almost comical to watch these deer in flight with those white tails flagging their every move in open country. There are some 30 subspecies of whitetail deer scattered all over the United States and southern Canada.

Quilting in Pioneer Days

Pioneer quilts, similar to the one in the picture, had a particular design or pattern and each pattern had a name. As settlers moved westward, the names attached to the patterns changed. The Carolina Rose of the East Coast became the Prairie Rose of the Midwest. The biblical name Jacob's Ladder used in New England evolved to Stepping Stones in Virginia and Tail of Benjamin’s Kite, after Benjamin Franklin’s experiments, in Pennsylvania.

T-Shirts in Style

If you are like most Americans, you love to wear T-shirts. Today men can be considered stylishly dressed wearing the right T-shirt under a sports coat instead of a traditional dress shirt and tie.

The Heisman Trophy

The Heisman Trophy is awarded annually to one outstanding football player on a college team in the United States. The winner of the Heisman Trophy is virtually guaranteed a position on a National Football League professional team and many former Heisman Trophy winners have become famous professional players. The Heisman Trophy was created by members of the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City and the first trophy was presented in 1935.

X Games

The X Games are a relatively new forum for athletic competition based upon the structure of the Olympic Games. While the Olympics have been in existence for thousands of years, the first X Games were held at Mountain Resort in Big Bear Lake, California in 1997. Athletes in both games compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, indicating first, second and third place in an event. Olympic athletes receive only a medal but X Games winners also receive prize money.