Primary Elementary Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Habits of Good Readers

Reading is one of the most beneficial hobbies. Parents, as well as teachers, push children to make reading a habit. Not only books help build a child's bank of general knowledge but also helps in building a strong vocabulary. The list of benefits of reading does not stop here. Regular reading helps people develop an understanding of the world. All 'good' readers can significantly benefit from this habit. But who are 'good' readers? Here is a list of habits of a good reader that will help you evaluate if you are one of them or not. Rapid and accurate reading. Such readers understand the context of the text and do not struggle with word identification, which directs their focus away from understanding the text, the end goal of reading. These readers always know the purpose for reading. They know exactly why they are reading a specific book or text. When readers know what they want to achieve, reaching the end goal becomes easy. Good readers have the capability to identify text structure. They have the ability to picture the text's organization, which helps them understand the text better. The readers who are considered 'good' are the ones that can create mental notes and summaries.

The Dentist

My sister had to go to the dentist because she hurt her tooth. She was afraid to go to the dentist because she thought it would hurt. My mother told her the dentist makes teeth feel better. The dentist fixed her tooth and gave her a sticker. My sister said her tooth doesn't hurt anymore.


Water can do many things. Water can change shape with its temperature. When water is really hot, it turns into steam. When water is really cold, it turns into ice. I like water best when I'm swimming in it!

Police Officers

Police officers are our friends. Police officers keep us safe. Sometimes they ride on horses, motorcycles, or bicycles. Most of the time, we see police officers in cars that have lights and a siren. You should always look for a police officer when you are lost or need help.


Firefighters are brave and strong. They put out fires with a water hose. Their trucks have ladders they can climb to help people. Firefighters carry people away from fires and into safety. When you pass a fire department, make sure to wave thank you!


Bugs have all different types of bodies and numbers of legs. Ants have six legs, spiders have eight legs, and centipedes have lots of legs! Bugs are sometimes food for animals like birds and bats. Some bugs even make food for us. Bees make the yummy honey we eat!

The Hospital

The hospital is where you go when you are sick or hurt. Doctors and nurses are there to make you feel better. Sometimes people need an operation to fix their bodies. Most babies are born in the hospital. Do you know someone who has visited the hospital?

The Pond

Circle the word pond every time it appears in the reading passage. How many times does it appear?


The stars and moon are seen at night. While most people are sleeping, some animals come out at night to hunt. Bats, owls and raccoons come out at night to look for food. Night can be very peaceful. The only sound you might hear is the quiet chirping of crickets.

The Desert

The desert is a very dry place with lots of sand. The animals and plants in the desert have learned to live without a lot of water. Some of the interesting but dangerous things that live in the desert are lizards, coyotes, scorpions, and snakes. The desert is very hot during the day, but can be very cold at night. Have you ever been to a desert?


What happens to our garbage when we throw it out? Most garbage is picked up outside our house in a truck and taken to the landfill. Some things like cardboard and glass can be recycled. Some people throw food garbage like banana peels into a pile in their yard called a compost pile.


December, January and February are winter months. Winter can be very cold in some places. It can even snow. Sometimes the wind blows snow and ice everywhere. You can make a snowman with snow. Some people like to sled down hills in the snow. Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike?

The Farm

Lots of animals live on a farm. They live in a barn that keeps them warm and dry. You might see cows, horses, pigs, or sheep on a farm. A farmer grows food for the animals and people on the farm in fields. Have you ever visited a farm?

The Zoo

There are all kinds of animals that live in the zoo. You can see lions, zebras, monkeys, and even elephants. The monkeys can climb very high. The elephants can spray water out of their nose, called a trunk. Going to the zoo is a fun way to spend a summer day.

The Park

Many people like to go to the park. The park is full of trees, grass, and most of them have playgrounds. You can usually see people with friendly dogs at a park. Families sometimes take a picnic lunch to the park. Is there a park near your home you like to visit?

The Forest

The forest is full of tall trees. Do you know what animals live in the forest? Wolves, bears, deer, and raccoons live in the forest. Smaller animals like weasels, mice, and frogs also live in the forest. There are many birds that live in the forest, owls and woodpeckers are just two of them.


Plants help us in so many ways. We build houses and make paper out of trees. Plants grow our food like apples and tomatoes. We make clothes out of plants like cotton. Did you know that plants even make cleaner air for us to breathe?

Getting Around

There are many ways to get places we are going. Walking or riding a bicycle are two easy ways to get somewhere. People take a car or bus to places that are too far to walk. For trips that are really far, people take a train or airplane. Have you ever been on an airplane or train?


Friends are a good thing to have. It is fun to play with friends. Sometimes friends don't want to play what we want to play. Sometimes we have to let our friends choose what to play. That is called being a good sport, and friends will usually let us pick the next time.


Camping can be lots of fun. You sleep in a tent in a sleeping bag. You get to eat food off a stick like hot dogs and marshmallows. Many people like to sit around the campfire and sing or tell scary stories. What do you like about camping?

The Ocean

The ocean is a very big and very deep body of water. If you taste ocean water, it tastes like salt. The ocean is home to very big things like whales and very tiny things like plankton. No one has ever been to the very bottom of the ocean. Most people like the ocean for swimming, surfing, and sailing.

Tips to Encourage Students to Read on Their Own

Books are man's best friend. They help them build an understanding of the world and lets them see the world from a different perspective. Reading is one of the most beneficial hobbies among people. It strengthens the brain, increases empathy, helps build a vast vocabulary bank, enhances cognitive abilities, aids sleep, alleviates depression, and even contributes to a longer lifespan. It is due to this reason parents and teachers encourage kids to develop a habit of reading from the very beginning. Thinking of ways, you can encourage your students to read on their own and develop a habit? Here are some effective tips; You need to start reading in front of the kids. You can read to them, and it can build their interest in this activity. When you regularly read to students, they began to feel connected to it. When you do not read to them, they will pick up a book and start reading themselves. Fill the classroom with books and convince the parents to do the same with their child's room. Children who grow up surrounded by books naturally develop a habit of reading. You can even set up a book club for your students. It will help kids to socialize with avid readers and develop an interest in reading. Let your students choose the books, and it will encourage them to read a book they have chosen for themselves.