Character Development Worksheets

What is Character Development in a Story?

There are a lot of fun and interesting topics in the English Language, and one of the most fun parts is stories. The plot, the storyline, the characters, everything about a story is really interesting. When we are reading, there is something we all notice when reading, that is character development. Like the word indicates, character development is defined as the evolution of a character in a story. Let us say that there is a character in a story who goes by the name Frida. The girl is very mean and does not help anyone, even in their time of need. The situation somehow reversed, and when she was in trouble, she saw how people helped her. This was when she realized how important it is to take of those around her, and she became helpful, kind, and polite. The change as to how she shifted from being mean to soft is known as character development.


A quirk is a peculiar behavioral habit. You can go a long way towards developing your character by giving them a quirk. Think about a quirk you might give to your character, then answer the following questions.

Rolling Sheets

Answer the questions to develop your character.

Think About It

There are four main ways for authors to develop characters: physical description, what the character says and does, what other characters say about the character, what the narrator says about the character.

Inside | Outside

One way to develop characters is to call attention to the difference between how they see themselves (what they are like on the inside) and how others see them (what they are like on the outside).

Setting and Character

A thorough understanding of your story's setting is critical to developing believable characters, since a character's attitudes, language, dress, and appearance must be consistent with when and where a story occurs.

Develop Your Setting

our setting has a lot to do with who your character's are. Characters can have relationships with their setting that are good, bad, or indifferent. The setting of your story can also be the main source of conflict.


Choose a main character from the story. Find one instance of each method of characterization in the story.

Lots of Questions

Does your character have a sense of humor? What kind? What are your character's ambitions? What is your character afraid of?

Physical Appearance

A character's physical appearance can say a lot about the kind of person that they are. Some aspects of appearance, like birthmarks scars, or tattoos can function like symbols to say things about your character.

Charting Course

Plan how you will use each of the four methods to develop your main character.


Use the checklist below to ensure that you are using each characterization technique from your story. Underneath each technique, make some notes about how you plan to incorporate it into your story.

Full Walkthrough

This series can make a great way to uncover your thoughts.

Point of View

The ways that an author has available to develop character depends on, and varies slightly in execution, depending on the point of view (POV) of the story.

Revealing Character Traits

: Identify two important character traits in your main character. For each trait, write a sentence or two using each character development method.

Developing 3-Dimensional Characters

In order to create a three-dimensional character, your character has to change during the course of the story. Character growth can happen as the result of what happens to the character and how the character responds to what happens, or it can happen as the result of new information the character learns that requires them to make some change in their life.