Identifying Themes Worksheets

What Are Character Traits in a Story?

There are so many interesting things that we learn in the English Language, but one of the most fun things that come with English is story writing. Now, within the story writing stuff, there are millions of things that contribute to making it interesting. One of the essential parts of story writing is the characters in the story and their traits. Do you know what character traits are? Let us help you. Character traits, like real people, are the habits and the ideas that make a character non-imaginary. They help the reader understand what the character is all about. Tall, short, bitter, sweet, salty, sarcastic, kind, etc. they all make a reader better grasp what the person in the story is really like!


This can help you put your thoughts together well.

Topic or Theme?

Identify whether each item is a topic or a theme. Remember, a theme takes a position on a topic. If it is a theme, write theme. If it is a topic, rewrite it as a theme.

Short Thoughts

Copy short passages onto the page. Identify longer passages by page/paragraph number.

Common Themes in Fiction

Writers commonly explore the topics listed below. Think of a book you have read that explores each topic. Then write down the book's theme. Remember, a topic is a subject that a text deals with. A theme takes a position on a topic.

The Road Not Taken

We take on a Frost poem.

Thinking In...

Think of a position on each topic that has meaning for you. With your feelings about the topic in mind, develop a theme that you could explore in a story.

Fahrenheit 451

The novel Fahrenheit 451 has multiple themes covering the range of topics listed below. A theme is not the same as a topic.

List Three

List three places in the text that demonstrate the theme you identified.

Little Women

Read the passage, then answer the questions.

Identifying Recurring Points

Read the stories. What is the recurring theme?

A Writer's Toolbox

Read the assigned text. Fill out the graphic organizer below to help you understand how a writer develops theme through the elements of story.

Mapping the Story

Identify the topics and themes explored in the story. Complete the table.

Understanding Universal Themes

Universal themes transcend gender, culture, and geographical differences.

Theme or Summary?

Determine whether each sentence is the summary of a story or an expression of theme.

Animal Farm

Choose one of the themes that you articulated. Identify when and where in the story the theme first appears. Then explain how that passage demonstrates the theme.