Story Breakdown Worksheets

About These Worksheets

This series of worksheets focuses on helping students learn how to report what they read to others. This includes just about every part of the narrative. This is an extensive section.

Using the 5 W's

The five worksheets in this set provide short reading passages (2-4 sentences) and have students answer a who, what, why, where, and when question.

Main Idea, Conflict, and Solution

Students need to report on the main idea, conflict, and solution for these worksheets. All five follow the pattern of providing a space to write about each of the three points as well as listing the title and author of the story.

Book Reports - Order of Events

These five worksheets have students present three events in order for the story or book. There are 5 sheets with different graphics but the same format.

Illustrating the Important Events of a Story

Beginning readers can use these worksheets to illustrate important events of a story. They also answer a simple question on each of the three sheets.

Main Characters

Help students practice identifying main character of a book or story. There are a variety of formats using illustrations and/or written summaries.

Main Character Analysis using Bloom's Taxonomy

Following Bloom's taxonomy, these 2 worksheets practice writing about the main character.

Illustrating the Setting and Characters

Help younger students learn to analyze stories with these four sheets on the setting and characters of a story. Students have to draw a picture about the setting and/or characters and answer simple questions about it.

Setting of Stories

Using books about all types of things that students illustrate and describe the setting in this series of worksheets.

Book Reports about Abraham Lincoln

This is a larger package of 10 book report forms about Abraham Lincoln. They include reports on characters, setting, events, the cover illustration, main idea, and student reactions.

Book Reports about George Washington

When students need to write a book report about George Washington, this is the place to turn. There are ten book report forms covering characters, setting, events, the cover illustration, main idea, and student reactions.

Book Reports about Martin Luther King Jr.

Characters, setting, events, the cover illustration, main idea, and student reactions are the topics of these 10 book report forms about Martin Luther King Jr.


Students can play news report and complete this book report with two pages of questions.


Explaining the ending of a summer reading is the focus of this book report (1 page).

Main Character

Students can play Freud and analyze the main character of a summer reading book in this short two page report form.

Sequence of Events

Find out how well students remember the order of events in a book they have read when this fill in this single paper book report.

Cover Art

Students have a chance to draw and critique the cover art and then illustrate a new cover for a book they have read with this book report form.

Setting and Plot

Have students describe the setting and the plot in this simple one-page worksheet.


In this one-page report, students need to search their book for different types of words.