Story Structure Worksheets

What is Story Structure?

Have you ever tried some new dish? Whenever we do this, we make an outline or structure to prepare the recipe. Yes, the recipe always consists of number of ingredients we add like 1 tbs salt, 2 tbs spice, etc. Have ever taken gym classes? The instructor never take start from hard exercises. He/she always suggest beginning with initials or easy steps. Your gym course always consists of steps ranging from easy to hard and less note to higher note. For example, if you start it with 20 rounds, you will need to go with 40 to 50 rounds at the end of the month or 15 days. Similarly, when an author starts writing stories whether short or long, he/she have to make a proper framework that help in well-organized storytelling with influential words. Now, the question is what makes the story or a chunk of informative material interesting for the readers? In the past, nobody knows about what the story structure is. Now, multiple authors have made a solution to maintain the level of story. Structuring the story is to portray the scene happens between people and highlighting the picture of your idea with a slight touch of reality.

Quick Questions

What problem did they have?

Crazy Rectangles

What happens when you evaluate this work?

The Basics

We look at the who what and where.

Main Items

This helps you focus all the main items in a story.

The Problem

The problem is what is going wrong in the story for the characters. The story is about what the characters do to try to fix the problem.

The Cliff

Show how the story climbs the mountain.

Just the Facts

List some events that occur before the climax.

How We Doing?

Write down where in the story each of the following takes place. Use page numbers and paragraph numbers to identify the correct section of the story.


Use this checklist to determine the parts of the plot in the story you just read. Then fill in the organizer.

Beginning, Middle, End

Write and draw what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

A the Parts

What are the key events of the story? In which chapter does each key event occur? Indicate whether each key event occurs in the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, or resolution.

All the Terms

What is the central problem of the story? What is its solution?


A storyboard is like a plot diagram made out of pictures. Storyboards are used in the film industry to plan out a movie before actually starting to make the film.