Concluding Sentences Worksheets

What are Concluding Sentences?

Concluding sentences are essential in combining arguments. What most writers do is that they leave concluding sentences out of their paragraphs or even essays. The original purpose of concluding sentences is to summarize the different arguments you just made in your preceding paragraph(s). A single paragraph response in the form of concluding sentences is essential. They tie the whole essay or writeup together without rephrasing the topic sentence.

Topic Sentences

A good concluding sentence reiterates the main idea or topic of a paragraph and summarizes the information in the paragraph.

Signal Words and Phrases

Words and phrases that signal that something is coming to an end are commonly used to begin concluding sentences: thus, as a result, therefore, consequently, finally, to summarize, in summary, in conclusion.

The Final Sound!

Write a concluding sentence to go with each topic sentence below, using an end-of-paragraph signal.

End of Paragraph Clue Words

One way that you can signal the approaching end of a paragraph is by using a clue word to introduce your concluding sentence, which should restate your topic sentence or summarize the main point of your paragraph.

Studying Ends

Read the assigned passage. Be on the lookout for end-of-paragraph clue words in concluding sentences.

Recognizing Me

Read each sentence. Is it a topic sentence or a concluding sentence? Write topic or concluding on the line.

End-of-paragraph Clue Words

Use one of the end-of-paragraph clue words in each concluding sentence.

Paragraph Swap

Write a brief paragraph explaining what your favorite subject is and why. Now swap papers with a classmate. Read your classmate's paragraph.

More Practice

Five more sentences for you to work off of.

Front and Back

Work these sentences like a charm with the skills you have learned.

Sum It Up

Say everything that you feel needs to be said.

Concluding Strategies

The best expository writing offers readers a fresh perspective on something. A good concluding sentence can really tie an essay together by either restating what has already been said, adding new information, or challenging the reader to think or do something related to what they have read.

Intermediate Skills

A concluding sentence restates the topic of a paragraph and/or sums up the information in the paragraph.

Clue the Conclusion

Write a concluding sentence for your paragraph that begins with each of the clue words below.

Revising It

What purpose is your concluding sentence serving in your paragraph (reminder of topic, summary of main ideas, final thought, etc.)?