Descriptive Writing Worksheets

What is Descriptive Writing?

When it comes to writing in English, there are thought be four different types of pieces. These include expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive. In this section, our focus will be on descriptive writing. As its name suggests, this type of English writing gives a clear and concise description of everything. Be it a location, character, event, or object; this writing describes everything in a way that it creates an image in the minds of the readers. The description should be of a form that evokes the senses in a reader. Learning the skills of descriptive writing can benefit students in a multitude of ways. It teaches the students the art of expressing through writing. By adding details, they can excel in expressing through writing. It also helps them enhance their vocabulary bank as describing something in detail requires a writer to have a vast bank of words in their minds.

Imagine That...

You are given as simple scenario to work through. Once you soak that in, give three details about how this happened and what you will do next.

Concrete Descriptions

Write three details about this picture in the boxes below. Then write a descriptive paragraph using these details on the next page. Use as many adjectives as necessary to give concrete descriptions.

How to Ensure That Your Writing is Descriptive Enough

Let us face it; writing is not everybody's cup of tea. You have to have that knack for creativity that would help you in your writing. In case you have been struggling with your descriptive writing, you may consider these tips to keep your words flow in all the new ways. Make use of Analogies and Figurative Language. From analogies to keeping the use of metaphors subtle, you may hone your descriptive writing skills. Most writers utilize figurative language while they are at writing descriptions. However, you may ensure you are not going overboard. Chances are it might only make your writing forced and not true to your talent. Keep it Less Wordy So, this one is the most obvious! The overflow of words only makes descriptions forced and not creative. So, while you are creating descriptions, ensure you are not going too far adding words to your writing. You may take on the subtle approach. Construct sentences with few and the truest to the context words. Chances are you will find your writing a lot better and well-constructed than before.

Adjectives Say It All

Look at the picture. Write adjectives in the boxes to describe the picture.

Beginning, Middle, and End

LYou are given a topic and asked to flesh a complete paragraph for it.

Families Are Fun!

Fill in the organizer and use it to write a descriptive paragraph about your family on the next page. Circle all the adjectives in your paragraph.

Proud to Be an American

What makes you proud? Things I can do because I am an American. Descriptive words about America.

An Endangered Animal

Name an animal that is endangered? Why? Descriptive words for the animal.

Global Warming

What is global warming? How does this happen?

Summer Fun

Things you like to do during summer. Descriptive words for summer.

How to Ensure You Write Descriptively

Descriptive writing is a tough art to master, and we have very few writers in history who have successfully adopted a descriptive writing style. You need to experience your surroundings to its core to write about it. Descriptive writers usually see things around them from a different perspective. They observe details that we generally ignore. The best part of descriptive writing is that a descriptive writer observes every tiny detail in the scene surrounding them and puts them artistically on the paper. There is a reason why descriptive writing is tough. Putting all the details together and writing them down on the paper so that the reader doesn’t lose their interest is surely an art. You must write down every detail you can observe to write descriptively.

Dinosaur Essay

A descriptive paragraph describes a person, place, or thing. Use words that help the reader to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste the subject. Write a paragraph about a dinosaur from long ago.

Your Favorite Dessert

What is it? Who makes it? How does it taste and smell? What does it look like?

Descriptive Writing Prompt 1

Think about a place where you like to go to be alone. Write about this place and explain why you like to go there to be alone. Are there certain times in particular you like to be alone? How does this place help you?

Writing Prompt 2

Describe a really fun day. Think about where you went and what you did that made it so fun. Describe the location, season, activities, etc. Use all of your senses to paint a picture for your reader.

Writing Prompt 3

If you could create your own country, what would it look like? Who would live there? What would people be like? What kind of food would there be?

Writing Prompt 4

What is the best day you have ever spent with your family? What are the reasons why it was so special? Write a paper telling about the best day you ever spent with your family. Be sure to include three reasons to support why it was the best day. Be sure to use specific details to support each of your reasons. Use descriptive words and phrases to make your words come alive.

Writing Prompt 5

Describe your favorite room in your house. Why is it your favorite? What does the room look like? What kinds of activities do you do in this room?

Writing Prompt 6

Everyone is afraid of something - heights, spiders or flying just to mention a few. What are you afraid of the most? What do you think caused this fear? Write a story about a situation in which you had to face your fear. Explain what you did to overcome that fear. Identify other fears you would also like to overcome.

Writing Prompt 7

What is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to you? Explain the event in as much detail as you can so that the reader understands what makes the event so funny.

Writing Prompt 8

Imagine you have just been given the name and address of a pen pal across the country. Your pen pal has no idea what you look like or who you are. Describe yourself to that person.

Writing Prompt 9

What was the proudest moment of your life? What made that moment so special? Use all of your sensory details to describe that moment.

Writing Prompt 10

Write a story about waking up in a story. What would you do if you woke up in the middle of a story? What story would it be? Which scene would it be? What would you do to escape? How do the other characters respond to you in that scene? How do you react to the situation? How do you plan on escaping?

Writing Prompt 11

Write about the worst day of your life. Think of a day in your life when everything seemed to be going wrong. Give at least three things that went wrong that day and explain each one using supporting details.