Fall Writing Worksheets

Things That Are Related to the Fall Season

Fall might not be the favorite time of the year for many due to the fading greenery, falling leaves, and the cold breeze. There are some amazing things associated with this season. Warm clothes, scarves, blankets, hot chocolate, apple picking, pumpkin season, leaf-peeping, soup, rain, fireplace, candles, sweaters are some of the things associated with the fall season.

Coloring Fall

Decorate this page to celebrate the fall season. Use all the colors of this season. Think of all the activities of this season. Put yourself in the picture.

What Do You Think?

Think about the fall season.

The Detective

Fall brings many changes to our environment. Be a "Fall Detective". Take a walk in the park, on the playground or at home. Look carefully and write what you see.

What Does Fall Mean To You?

My favorite activity during fall is...

Matching Set

Match the words in Column 1 with the explanation in Column 2.

If I were a Squirrel...

Tell about your inner most thoughts.

Lots of Change

Fall brings many changes to our environment. Look at the trees and notice the changes.


Unscramble the words to see words that remind you of the fall season.