Friendly Letter Writing Worksheets

How to Write a Friendly Letter

As the world advances towards innovation, we have given up on some traditional practices that were actually beneficial. One example is the replacement of physical letters by electronic mails. Regardless, teachers help their students learn letter writing as it is a very healthy practice for the mind. So, if you want to enjoy the true essence of long-distance communication, ditch social media platforms and instant messaging apps and try your hand at writing letters. Here is how you can write a friendly letter: Start by mentioning the date on the top left corner. Immediately after the date, write a salutation. You can address the recipient of the letter with whichever name you like; you can even use their nicknames or any other words that may trigger any memories. For a friendly letter, start the salutation with a casual hello. The first paragraph of a friendly letter is a bit lighthearted and warm. Ask about how the person at the other end is doing and how their life is. The main body must include the purpose of the letter, which may be about sharing news or any other personal details. Once you are done writing the body of the letter, wrap it up by reiterating the purpose of the letter, and encourage the reader to write back to you. You can even include a postscript after the closing paragraph.

Organize Me

You will be using a variety of skills here to communicate your thoughts. This chart will help you organize your thoughts for writing a letter. Fill in the chart and then write your letter on page 2.

Summer Camp

You are away at summer camp. Write a letter to your family about camp.

Basic Organizer

This chart will help you organize your thoughts for writing a letter.

Themed Templates

These are great for setting your writing in motion and providing you room to grow your thoughts on the page