Sentence Correction Worksheets

How to Correct Sentences

First, you must know what is a perfect sentence while correcting different sentences? The sentence become perfect when there is no grammatical error and a proper use of parts of speech with consideration of conditions. Sentence must consist of the correct use of singular and plural form of parts of speech especially in terms of verb usage. In this entire sentence, there must be a proper use of spellings, punctuation, sense credibility formatting, spacing, paragraph separation, etc. The sentence become correct when it consists of intuitive and influential words that make the sentences easy to read for readers. You take the example of sentences a small stick that can a toy house by combining together. When you write the correct sentence, you will have a perfect story. Then, it will be easy for you make an emotional connection between you and the reader and side by side you can create a powerful visual attachment between reader and the story characters. It means that you can’t establish a building of engaging story without its correct foundation that is a correct sentence. A correct sentence does not have the things such as run-on sentences, typos, passive voice, etc., they always create confusion for readers as they don’t make a sensible flow. If do not avoid such things, you will have to rewrite the entire blog, article, or story, etc. With the usage of such sufferings, the sentence seems incomplete.

Fix the Sentences

There is an error in each sentence. Rewrite each sentence to correct the error.


There is an error in each sentence. Rewrite each sentence to correct the error.

Messed Up

Weed out all the errors that exist in these sentences and post a solid rewrite to them.

Correct or Not?

Put a check mark next to the sentences that are correct. Rewrite the sentences that are not.

Word Usage Errors

Each sentence has one word in it that is wrong. Rewrite each sentence to correct the error.

Punctuation Errors

There is a punctuation error in each sentence. Fix them and make them more happy to be there.

Correcting Conjunctions

Put a check mark next to the sentences that use conjunctions correct. Rewrite the sentences that are not.

Correcting Incomplete Sentences

Rewrite each sentence so that it is a complete sentence.

Correcting Capitalization Errors

One word in each sentence is not capitalized properly. Find it, and write it on the line the way it should appear in the sentence.

Correcting Clause Errors

Put a check mark next to the sentences that use the relative clause correctly. Rewrite the sentences that do not.

Correcting Mistakes

There are multiple errors in each sentence. You are going to need to fix those up.

Which One Is Right?

In each pair of sentences below, only one does not contain any errors. Find the error-free sentence in each pair and write its letter on the line. If there is no error-free sentence, write "none" on the line.

Subject Verb Agreement Errors

Each sentence has a subject-verb agreement error. Patch it up please.

Run-On Sentences

Rewrite each run-on sentence as two sentences.

Editing Exercise

Write five sentences about what you did this past weekend. Then trade papers with a classmate. Check each other's sentences for errors. Circle any errors you find, and return the paper to its author so they can correct the errors.