Sentence Types Worksheets

What Are the Different Sentence Types?

A sentence is made up of clauses, a group of words that express an idea. There are two types of clauses; dependent and independent clauses. Here are different types of sentences Simple sentences - They consist of one independent clause; it requires one punctuation mark at the end, like a full stop or exclamation mark, or question mark. For example; The essay was late Compound Sentences - They are made by joining simple sentences. Join sentences are closely related in content to make your writing more fluid. You can join sentences simply with a comma and words like, but, so, and, yet. For example, The essay was late, so he lost marks. Moving on, we have complex sentences, Complex sentences - They are made when you combine a dependent clause with an independent one. For example: Since his essay was late, he lost some marks. If the dependent clause comes first, like the one in the example above, separated from the independent with a comma. If a sentence starts with an independent clause, there's no need to separate the clauses using a comma. For instance: He lost some marks because the essay was late

Classify It

Read each sentence. Is it a declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory sentence? Circle the correct ending punctuation.

What Type of Sentence?

Read each sentence. Is it a declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory sentence? Write the sentence type on the line.

Writing Sentences

Choose one of the subjects provided. Write four different sentences about the subject. Be sure to punctuate correctly.

What Kind Is It?

Read each sentence below. Is it a declarative (D), interrogative (INT), imperative (IMP), or exclamatory (E) sentence? Write your answer on the line. Add punctuation.

Sentence Scramble

Unscramble the sentences below. Write each unscrambled sentence on the line. Use correct punctuation.

Write Different Types

Write a sentence based on each picture. Write the type of sentence indicated.

Declarative or Interrogative?

Read each sentence. Circle whether it is declarative or interrogative. Punctuate it.

Make It So

Rewrite each sentence so that it is the kind of sentence indicated in parentheses.

Complex Sentences

Change the simple sentences below into complex sentences.

Compound or Complex?

Check the correct box to indicate the type of sentence.

S, C, or CX?

Identify whether each sentence is simple (s), compound (C), or complex (CX). Write your answer on the line.

Is It Compound or Complex?

Read each sentence. If it is a compound sentence, write compound on the line. If it is a complex sentence, write complex on the line.

Simple or Compound?

Read each sentence. Is it simple or compound? Write your answer on the line.

Write Different Types of Sentences

Write four sentences based on the picture. Write one of each type of sentence indicated.

Flip Them Around

Turn each simple sentence into a compound sentence and a complex sentence.