Writing about Summer Worksheets

How Most Students Spend Their Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the long holidays approximately based on two months. During this long period, students have a lot of time to work and explore new things. They have a great time to know their talents, skills, and measure their IQ level. With rantings of summer vacations, parents of all students start alarming their kids about home deep cleaning. Schools provide a bulk of homework that consist of numerous projects and exercises to solve to indicate the performance level of learners. If we talk about the college and university student’s summer vacation, majority of them try to find different internships. Some of them go for the certified courses and other take different classes for extracurricular activities. Side by side, they move towards gym to maintain their health level. Adults love travelling so they decide to explore the different corners of the world, country or city during this period. The most common activity of summer trips is stamp or currency collection. Teachers that can’t give their full attention to their home management enhance their duty with proper schedule. Female teachers surprise their family members by making different dishes. The family members enjoy that period with their females cooking skills.

Best Part of...

A worksheet about the best part of summer.

Book List

A worksheet for listing books read in the summer.


A worksheet about what a student did with his/her boyfriends.

Favorite Book

A worksheet about summer reading.


A worksheet about what a student did with his/her girlfriends.

What I Did?

A worksheet about what students did during summer vacation.