Writing Letters Worksheets

The Parts of a Well Written Letter

Every business plan is the well-written letter as a part of business communication. You need to practice hard for a well-organized written communication with clients, vendors and other companies from a business owner’s side. If you want an integration of influential business correspondence, your well-written business letter must consist of proper business document’s format and parts of the business plan. It can be a bit formal as compared to other source of communication like memos, emails, text messages, etc. Keep the professional tone of your business letter. For this, you must have to know what your audience want and what are their choices. Readers do not have time to read elongated paragraphs and message in detail. Keep in mind that you have to let them focus on the bottom line and assume the way by which things relates to each other. Your writing material must be clear, intuitive, precise, concise, and to the point. It will help reader in creating quick assessment of the letter. Make sure the content of your business plan must be accurate and without errors for creating the first impression. For the clarity of the writing material and its typos, you must have to proofread the business letter. You should print your business plan on the business letterhead.

Ill Friend

Write a letter to your friend who is sick in the hospital.

Grandma's Birthday

Write a letter to your grandmother for her birthday.

The School Kitchen

Write a letter to the cafeteria helpers.