Math Word Problem Worksheets

Tips for Solving Math Word Problems

Are math word problems troubling you again? And are you unsure of what you need to do to solve? them, or is your brain telling you that you cannot do this? How about story-based word problems? Are they troubling you too? If you don't know where to begin, the easiest solution is to properly plan how you can solve your word problem. When you have a strategy in your head, it becomes easier to solve the problem. With a proper strategy, even the most difficult of all problems can be solved. Let us take a look at how you can tackle the most difficult word problem. Here is what you need to do: Read through the problem very carefully. Underline the words that you think are important clues that can help you in solving the problem. Take a look at the important facts that are provided. Look at what you need to find out. You will have to use variables that need to be changed into mathematical symbols. Identify the information that is relevant to the problem. Solve!

Amusement Park Basic Word Problems

All the problems are themed to an amusement park. Example: Jeremy went to get cotton candy for his friends. He needed to get cotton candy for Mike, Sarah, Billy, Madison, and himself. How many cotton candies did Jeremy need?

Zoo Basic Word Problems

Directions: Write out the problems and answer them. Example: 14 elephants were running on the rock. 6 elephants went into to the water to take a bath. How many elephants did not take a bath?

Grocery Store Math

All these problems you would commonly come across in a grocery store. Example: Jenna needs 40 ounces of cheese. Each block of cheese is 10 ounces. How many blocks of cheese should she buy?

Football Math

All these problems you would refer to parts of American Football. Example: The Wildcats football ended the football game with 30 points. The gophers had 21 points. By how many did the Wildcats win the game?

Go Kart Math

All these word problems you would refer some form of Go Kart racing. Example: The go karts went in for repairs. Car-30 needed 16 bolts replaced. Car-19 needed 7 bolts replaced. By how many more bolts did Car-30 need?

Flower Math

Kelly picked 32 flowers. 14 of the flowers were white. The rest of the flowers were yellow.

Family Car Trip Math

The family will take a 325 mile car trip. The will travel at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. Their car can travel 25 miles on every gallon of gasoline. Each gallon of gasoline costs $2.55.

Math that Weighs on You!

Boxes of lollipops are packed in cases of 15 boxes. If each box is 2.5 pounds, how much will an entire case weigh?

City to City!

Buffalo is about 470 miles from Boston. Boston is about 110 miles from Hartford. Hartford is about 560 miles from Cleveland. New York City is about 1330 miles from Miami. Which trip would take longer traveling the same speed?

After-School Entrepreneur

Jasmine charges $22 dollars per month to deliver 6 newspapers per week to 1 house. She delivered newspapers to 36 houses every week. How much money did she earn in one month with four weeks?

Gone Shopping

Miley drops her 3 daughters off to shop. She gives her oldest daughter Jessica $86.88 and tells her to divide the amount evenly between them. How much should each daughter receive?

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is a place where farmers sell their crops to the local community. The Farmers Market is open daily from 9:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. How long is the Farmers Market open every day?

Algebra Word Problems

These problems require you to setup an equation of somekind. Example problem: When added, five consecutive numbers have a sum of 40. What are the numbers?

Intermediate Algebra Word Problem Skills

We take the previous series of worksheets and get a bit more involved. Example problem: In a student election, 676 students voted for one of two candidates for president. If the winner received 142 more votes than the loser, how many votes were cast for each candidate?