Multiplication Worksheets

How to Multiply Single, Double, and Triple Digits

Multiplication is an arithmetic concept which students find difficult in the earliest days. However, if learned adequately, it becomes a fun concept to deal with for years to come. Students start with multiplying single digits and then move to double triple digits, and so on. Let's look at the steps below; to learn how to solve all three single, double, and triple digits. When it comes to working with single digits, you only need to worry about your standard times tables. In most cases, you will have that memorized by now. Double digit multiplication is where you need to pay attention. When you are multiplying the tens place, you need to realize that you are multiplying ten times that value. For instance, if the number in the tens column is seven, then you are multiplying by seventy. You can add a zero to the end of your product to make sure you cover this value. Triple digit multiplication is much the same way. When we are multiplying the hundreds column, we need to realize it is one hundred times that value. You can signify this by adding two zeroes on the end of the product. One for the tens place and the other for the hundreds place. Remember, to solve three-digit numbers, and you need to follow the same steps as multiplying two-digit numbers. But, you have to further add one more step for multiplication for the third digit in between. You can practice this with Multiplication Grids to make it quick and easy.

Single & Double Digit Multiplication

A single digit multiplied by a double digit. The numbers per page show how many problems are located on the page. The font is adjusted.

Fixed Multplication with Numbers 1 to 6

You will multiply numbers by a set value of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Fixed Multplication with Numbers 7 to 12

Same deal as the past set, we just increase the values of the multipliers.

Two Digit Multipication

Ten problems where you solve for the product of double digit numbers.

Triple Digits

Each of the multipliers contains three digit values.

Triple and Quadruple Digit Multiplication

Multiply a three and four digit number.

Quadruple and Two Digit Products

Find the product of a 4-digit and 2-digit set of numbers.