Money Math Worksheets

Math Skills and Your Finances

There are a ton of financial decisions that you will make in your life that school only narrowly prepares you for. Deciding on a college to attend and buying a car or home are common life decisions that many people will make one day. Being prepared for this will save you thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars. That is because most people need to borrow money to purchase or attend these things. Before you enter an agreement (they agree to give you the money and you agree to pay them back over time; more money than you borrowed) such as any of these you must have a clear understanding of what you are getting into and understand all your options. I did not do this when I first graduated for college and it did end up costing me extra in interest over the fifteen years it took me to pay back the loan. A single difference of one point of interest can cost you nearly twenty-five thousand dollars more over the course of a thirty-year loan. The worksheets below will help you be more confident with money in daily situations.

Compare Coins and Bills

Students will compare the total value of sets of coins and bills.

Count Change

Students will count change in the form of dimes, mixed change, nickels, pennies, quarters.

Calculating Interest

Basic problems of calculating interest for partial and whole years.

Match the Price

Learn how to use a variety of coins and bills to match given prices.

Missing Coins

Find the missing coins needed to complete the totals.

Rounding Values

Students learn how to complete rounding to the nearest dollar amount.

Converting Between Decimals and Fractions

Students learn how to calculate the total value of mixed coins and paper bill sets.