Statistics Worksheets

What is the Study of Statistics?

This branch of math focuses on making sense of large data sets. We make efforts in this form of math to spot patterns and form hypotheses based on trends that we are able to definitely identify. As the Information Age continues to take shape, more and more data has become available and monitored. Those that can use this data to make accurate and well-informed decisions will continue to thrive. The most common form of use of statistics in the business world is forecasting and modelling. True Titans of Industry are relying on people within their company to be able to make these calculations and pay attention to all available data sets. This will continue to be a critical role for business and those that can do it well will be paid top dollar for a long time going forward.

Coordinate Graphing

We will explain the use of all 4 quadrants. Students will begin to plot and interpret data sets.


Learn how to read them and write your own from scratch.

Mean, Median, Mode

The goal here is to capture the nature of the central tendency of data sets.


We work on pattern recognition in visual and numeric sets.


Sequencing and ordering ranges of number sets. This is usually the first steps towards making progress.