Time Worksheets

Learning How to Tell Time

Learning to check what time is it is one of the first things that are taught to a growing child. It is not that difficult; telling what time it is by looking at a clock can be very easy if numbers from 1 to 12 are clearly marked on the clock. There are three hands of a clock. One represents the second mark; one represents that minute mark, and the third one, which is usually smaller in size, represents the hour mark. If the hour mark is at 12 and the minute's mark is at 3, it means that the clock is ticking 15 past 12. Thirty minutes past an hour is usually said as half-past whatever the hour of the day it is. If 45 minutes have been passed in 12, the time can be said as a quarter to one.

Practicing for the Big Race

Your have a bike race next week. To prepare, you ride your bike on the course as fast as you can for five straight days. Draw the hands on the clocks to match each time and determine how long each ride took you.

What Time Is It?

We will fast forward or look back on a set a time and you will tell the new time.

Drawing and Telling Time Version 2

Pretty much the same format as the last series of sheets, we just give you even more practice.

More Hands On

You will draw the hands on the clock based on the times that you are given.

Read That

What do all those clock mean?

Draw It

You will be given a time period that you must display on an analog clock to let other people know.

Hands On

Read all the clocks.