Times Table Worksheets

How to Learn your Times Tables

One of the first things that come to your mind while learning times tables is how you can make them less boring. As a student, these can keep you mentally drained, and there is no denying that learning times tables are not enjoyable at all. But, if you want, you can always find unleashing new techniques and methods working for you in all the new ways. Memorizing Times Tables During Play-Time - If you didn't know already, you could always memorize times tables while you are out playing. You can sing these to one of your friends in a fun tone. If not, you can even rush to the next time's table in between, just to know if your friends are listening to you. Activities like such spark creativity in your learning, and you get to memorize better. What Comes Next? - If you don't know what dodging tables are, you're probably missing out on an activity that can have you memorize time tables better. Consider these examples, for instance: 2 x 3 =__ and 5 x __ = 20. While this seems to be quite a simple activity, you get to reduce the hassle of learning tables in all the new ways.

The Gold Standard

10 x 10 times table including blank table.

Reference Sheets

These are set tables in a vertical orientation.

Compact Times Table

These are small and nice little things you can keep in your pockets.

Blank Tables

Fill the table with the correct answers to complete all the tables.