Math Flashcards

How to Create a Math Flashcard Studying Strategy

One of the secrets to studying anything is preparation. If you create a system for yourself to make it consistent and you follow through with it, you will surely see progress and success. When it comes to preparing to learn your math operations there are several different things you should consider. Start with the flashcards themselves. The cards should be clear, concise, and very easy to read. We highly recommend using the same throughout all the cards. This way, there is one less obstacle to your learning. Make sure that you only have a single problem per card. While many people try to save paper and put multiple problems on a card, studies have shown the isolation of problems helps direct your focus and improve your skills. When you create these cards or use ours, we highly recommend that you laminate the cards to protect them from spills or just ripping. Once you have your card set, create a schedule for yourself. You should create something that will be easy to stick to. I recommend by starting with fifteen minutes every other day. Start with all operations and then once you are doing well expand the flashcard set and focus on a single operation each day. Below you find just about all the basic math flashcards you will need to learn your math operations.

Addition Flashcards

We provide you with fixed single and double digit cards to help you learn your sums.

Subtraction Flashcards

This will help you make your differences almost automatic for you.

Multiplication Flashcards

We suggest practicing with these cards often to help you improve your ability with finding products and working with times tables.

Division Flashcards

A variety of K-8 division flashcard skills with same and mixed values that are great for learning your math facts.