Bill of Rights Worksheets

What is the Bill of Rights?

Human rights are the innate rights that every human is born with. Think of these rights in this way. Just as natural law takes its roots from nature, rights like ‘freedom of speech,’ freedom to eat, live, walk one way or the other originates from natural law as well. These are, in short, the rights that have been given to every human born in this world. Anyhow, in the US, the constitution the first ten amendments that provide provisions for human rights. These ten amendments are known as the bill of rights as they secure every American’s civil rights and liberties. Whether it is the freedom to speech or liberty to live, press, or be the follower of any religion, the bill of rights speaks in favor of these rights in the best way possible.

List the Freedoms

The Bill of Rights refers to the first ten amendments to the Constitution. When the constitution was first written and ratified, the states feared that the central federal government would have too much power over citizens. The Bill of Rights states what freedoms ordinary citizens have. List what freedom each Amendment to the Constitution guarantees.

Meaning of the Bill of Rights

Explain in your own words what freedom each Amendment to the Constitution guarantees.

The Fourth Amendment

First, write down on this sheet any of the words in the Fourth Amendment that you don’t know. Look up the words in the dictionary and write down the definition of the word. Then write the meaning of the Fourth Amendment in your own words. Use the back of the paper if you need to.

The First Amendment

Movies and video games that you buy come with a rating on them so parents if they feel the content is proper for you. Your parents can block you from turning on some TV channels using filters. Do you think the ratings and filters violate the First Amendment? Write a short paragraph to explain your answer using complete sentences.

The Ninth Amendment

The Ninth Amendment is hard to understand because it contains many unfamiliar words. Look up the following words in the dictionary or thesaurus and write the meanings. Then rewrite the Ninth Amendment using words that you understand.