United States Laws Worksheets

How Are U.S. Law Created?

We all know that law is like a rule, which must be followed on a national level. Now, how are they are made in the U.S? Let us find out! Laws are suggested in congress; when someone in the House of Representatives or the Senate wants to make a law, they write a bill. A bill is like an early draft of the proposed law. Every congress lasts for only two years. In between them, the senators and the representatives introduce thousands of bills, from which only a few of them are approved. The bill has to be voted on by both houses. After they voted them, the bill goes to the President, who will choose whether to sign it or not. If the President doesn't sign it, it goes back to the house, by the veto's name. The bill is then voted, and if it receives 2/3rd of the vote, it becomes a law.

The Branches of the US Government

Fill in the spaces to outline the branches of the government.

US Court System

Place the following courts in the order they would used during a US Trial.

How a Bill Becomes the Law

Fill in the missing steps in the flow chart.

Lawmaking Vocabulary

Match the vocab. term to its meaning.

From a Bill to a Law

Number the following steps in the correct order of how a bill becomes a law.

Bill Vetoes

What happens when a bill is vetoed? Fill in the missing information.

The White House and the West Wing

Describe the importance of each area.

Thinking about Laws

Answer the following question with a short essay.

Who are My Representatives?

Every person in the United States is represented by someone in the federal government. States have varying numbers of representatives based on their population. The Senate has 100 members, two from each state. The House of Representatives has 435 members coming from specific districts in each state.

Who Makes Laws?

Fill in the information about each person's/groups' role in making laws in the United States.