High School Social Studies Worksheets

What is Social Studies?

It is the general study that refer what is going on in the society, its aspects, impacts, and consequences of variations, history, etc. Elementary and secondary schools teach this subject as a course study. It includes history, geography, sociology, economics, civics, government, etc. The is the subject that help students to get aware. It develops the sense of culture and lets learners understand the nature and behavior of people. This study also builds a sense of responsibility of citizenship for a culturally diverse and a democratic society. They are also the interdependency of this world by studying the categories of this subject that shape our world. Social studies help students in enduring the issues that they learn in the course lessons of community, family, and society. Societal dilemmas not more than words for students after studying this field of course. They get aware from the society needs, relations with people, how politics works in the team, etc. Social studies have a great impact on student's behaviors as they always ready to serve the society. For instance, whatever challenge a one-member community face, the entire people of the society or a few come support and help them.

The Battle of Antietam

This major Civil War battle was the first to be fought on Northern soil. The two leaders were Gen. George McClellan for the North and Gen. Robert E. Lee for the South. Although both sides had positive results, the North was able to gain the most momentum from the battle and this propelled them to eventual victory.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus looked for support for his journey but had difficulty finding it because at that time people believed the Earth was flat and if you sailed too far you would fall off the edge of the Earth. Columbus used information from previous scholars to suggest that maybe the Earth was round and that Asia could easily be reached by sailing west across the Atlantic.

The Civil War

The civil war began with the coexistence of a slave owning south with an antislavery North. Slaves were usually shipped from Africa and brought to America and sold to plantation owners who used them to do house work, field work such as picking cotton and tobacco, and anything else they felt they were useful for. Unlike the north the south had an abundance of crops and that's how most people made their living. The south felt that if slavery did not expand then it would wither up and die and there would be many losses that the Union would not feel. Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election in 1860 and was sworn in on March 4, 1861.

Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush took place between 1848 and 1849. It was period of frequent and frantic migration west. It led to the settlement of California by Americans who had settled on the East Coast. Follow the maze to get to California.

Manifest Destiny

This was a fundamental belief that the United States was destined, or determined by fate, to expand from the East--- the Atlantic Ocean---to the West---the Pacific Ocean. Believers of this strongly felt that it wasn't just good for the country but also something that was meant to happen.

Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor was the center for the US Naval forces in the 1940s. On Dec. 7th, 1941 the base was destroyed in a surprise attack by the Japanese Empire. The Japanese attack was carried out in order to neutralize the American Pacific Fleet so that Japan could expand in the area. Almost 2,400 American forces were killed in the attacks and many battleships were destroyed.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is harbor located in Hawaii. It is best known for its bombing that took place on December 7, 1941 which brought the United States into WWII. The Japanese made this attack in order to prevent us from helping out in the war that Japan was about to wage against Britain, the Netherlands and the U.S.

Benjamin Franklin

Fill in the timeline with information about Benjamin Franklin's life.

Franklin's Ideas and Discoveries

Benjamin Franklin had many ideas and made many discoveries that make life easier for the people of his day.

Franklin's Inventions

Describe each of the following of Benjamin Franklin's inventions.

Mount Rushmore

Explain the significance of each President on Mount Rushmore.

Presidents' Day

Which president declared Presidents' Day an official holiday celebrating both Lincoln and Washington?

The Printing Press

Benjamin Franklin started his adult life as a printing press apprentice. Explain how the following inventions changed the printing process.

Notable Presidents

Match each President to the right description.