Native American Worksheets

Native American Contributions to the World

Long before Columbus reached America, some of the key inventions were introduced by Native Americans. Native Americans have stayed ahead of the time – from innovations like contraceptive to protective goggles and medicines – Native Americans' contributions to the world have been quite advanced. Following are some of the Natives contribution to the world: Genetically modified food crops. Native Americans were the first to introduce the process of growing crops to Native Americans. Rubber material was first developed by the Native Americans. Native Americans have been popular for keeping pets and animals all throughout history. Turkeys, llamas, guinea, pigs, and honeybees were introduced as food by Natives. Native's contribution to the world has been extensive. Edible items, medicine, and whatnot! Their contribution speaks intelligence through and through. If that is not all, their innovations have influenced different cultures and civilizations to quite an extent too.

The Hopi and Their Neighbors

Complete all of the thoughts using the word that is provided.

Woodlands Indians

A culture that started on the East Coast and pushed inland.

Pueblo and Woodland Native Americans

Write an essay about the how the daily life for the Hopi of the Southwest and the Iroquois around the Great Lakes was different. Be sure to talk about climate, food, dwellings and religion.

Native Americans of the Plains

Circle the right answer that fills in the blank.

The Basin-Plateau Native Americans

A quick, but deep look into what made this culture tick.

Navajo Code Talkers

A cryptographer is a person who makes up codes. Cryptographers made up the secret codes used in World War II. One problem with made-up secrets codes is usually another cryptographer can figure out the code and decode the message, that is understand what the message really says. The Japanese had been successful at decoding American messages about military plans for winning battles.

The Story of Sequoya

In 1776, while the colonists were fighting for freedom, Sequoya was born in the territory now called Tennessee. Sequoya's mother was a Cherokee Indian so Sequoya learned to speak the Cherokee language. But Sequoya's father was a white settler so Sequoya learned English and French too.

The Seminoles

What an interesting culture that led to many other break throughs.

Black Elk Spoke

The Plains Indians used to hunt buffalo. The buffalo provided the Indians with a good life. The Indians ate buffalo meat, used buffalo hides for clothing and tipis, and even used dried buffalo droppings for fuel. But settlers came to the plains and killed most of the buffalo herds. Buffalo became an endangered species.

The Battle of Tippecanoe

The place where this was fought is Battle Ground, Indiana. You simply can not make this up.