Declaration of Independence Worksheets

What is the Declaration of Independence?

There was a massive fight between the revolutionary leaders and the crown holders who wanted to save their power. It was a major war of getting thrown that later has converted into the war of revolution and independence. Then, the United States came into being after a tremendous blood shed of colonial America. Civil liberties and English colonies experienced a ceasefire. The Continental Congress especially its radical wing was becoming stronger and the time of English colonial decline was coming. The homeland of America was going to get an official freedom. In 1776, the Richard Henry Lee declared the independence of thirteen colonies of America and freed all the states from English control during Congress resolution meeting. The voting started and the subcommittee of five leaders made that included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adam. They had to select the official and careful wording. The committee rolled the document to different parties to join the patriotic cause. It was only in favor of royal restraint. The leaders shown the official document to the international powers with the aim of getting colonial militia. Jefferson was the great American revolutionary writer. He wrote some words for independence declaration such as "All Men Are Created Equal".

The Document

Thomas Jefferson wrote the original Declaration of Independence, but prior to it’s delivery to Congress on June 28, 1776, the document went through 39 revisions! John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston edited the original Jefferson document.

What Did It Mean?

July 4, 1826 marked the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the American Declaration of Independence. It also marked the deaths of political rivals John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who died within hours of each other. It is believed that each, although rivals, helped shape the nation more in those years than many others.

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party took place in Boston Harbor. The purpose of this event was based on principle. The American colonists did not want to pay tax on items unless they had voice in ways the tax could be used upon them. Their unity on this matter was strong, and as a result they dumped boxes and boxes of tea into the harbor, a product very important in their daily lives.

People and Places

Fill in the blanks using these famous names. There are more names than there are blanks and you can use a name more than once.

Language Concepts

Explain what is meant by specific phrases within the document.


We explore some core facts behind how the document was created.


Place these events related to the Declaration of Independence in the correct order.

The People For the People

Match the name of the person with the description by writing the number of the person on the line that is next to the event.

Who Wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Declaration of independence was an outstanding document of American history. It was the petition that five representatives of different states have signed. It was an official approval for American Independence. But, here, the question is who was the writer of the Declaration of Independence? At the time of US freedom fight, there are five famous leaders who were dealing overall situation. So, the Thomas Jefferson was the great American writer at that time. Who were knows that this person would write the declaration of American independence? The reason of this written document was the ignorance of the first meeting which executives announced about the request of freedom of thirteen colonies. Thomas Jefferson wrote the American Declaration of Independence with the official approve of five appointed members of the committee. Their names were John Adams, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Thomas Jefferson. The writing date of this draft was 11 June to 28 June. He sent the rough draft to John Adams and Benjamin Franklin for proofreading. Then, he represented this document officially to the Congress of America on 1st July 1776. With this, Congress made multiple revisions. Finally, on 4th July 1776, all members of Congress sat in independence Hall to approve the declaration.