Addition Flashcards

How to Use Flashcards to Improve your Addition Skills

Today, the prospect of using flashcards may have become obsolete, due to tablets and cell phones. However, this method still is the most viable one, due to its effectiveness. Parents should also take note, given that it can be used as an "at-home teaching method" as well. Mathematicians believe that math is more memorizing than thinking. In other words, with the help of flashcards, your children will be able to understand the concept quite well. You can also place a few toys here and there and ask the children to use flashcards to answer.

The Number 0

Printable flash cards for the addition of 0 for numbers 0 to 19. Composed of 10 cards in all.

The Number 1

Another 10 pack of flashcards for you to work on your addition skills with.