Subtraction Flashcards

How to Use Flashcards to Improve Your Subtraction Skills

Flashcards are the best way of practicing something that you need to use in teaching children. Kids have natural expertise of understanding through visual learning rather than using different words. However, most of them do not want to study as they always wish to play games. So, what do not you transform their boring book sessions into practical and funny activities? It will be the best trick to use during math’s class for a better understanding of basic math, including subtraction and addition. For this, you can use flashcards. Before further explanation, the question is how the flashcard can be best for visual presentation. When solving math’s problems on the blackboard, it seems small. It distracts the student’s attraction. You write the subtraction questions in bold form on flashcards then. You subtract them. You can let them consider those flashcards as play cards. You can conduct a different activity for this.

The Number 0

This pack of flashcards will help you with determining the difference between a number and the fixed number 0. This just results in the number that you started with.

The Number 1

Just count backwards by one and you have your answer.