Division Flashcards

How to Use Flashcards with Division

Similar to addition, flashcards can be a remarkable method to teach young minds about the world of division. The key here is to let the children decide how they want to solve the answers. With the help of flashcards, you have an easy way to let the children learn about the concept on their own. Extracted from the book of Drill and Practice mechanisms, this method can be used individually and collectively. Understanding long division can be tough for every student. Most of them find it hard to understand it at the initial stages of their learning. However, as teachers, it is your responsibility to try different methods to make division easy for them. One of those effective methods is the usage of flashcards. Flashcard games are quite efficient to make their concept stronger. So, let us learn how we can use flashcards to make the students improve their division skills. We already know that division is only repeated subtraction, where we divide the total into smaller groups. The game of war can be played with all arithmetic operations. All you must do is shuffle flashcards and deal them out to two players. Each player must turn a card over at the same time and resolve it. The player with the highest answer wins.

The Number 1

Another 10 pack of flashcards for you to work on with your division skills. There are 11 printable sheets, but you should only need the second card in the pack on.