The House on Mango Street Worksheets

A Brief Summary of The House on Mango Street

The book, "The House on Mango Street," was written by Sandra Cisneros in 1983. This book revolves around the life of Esperanza and her new home. This 12-year-old Mexican girl, along with her family, moved to a new house on Mango Street. This house is far better than her previous apartment and it is the first one her parents owned. However, the house is not what Esperanza was expecting, since its located in the middle of a Latina neighborhood. The neighborhood became a center of racial abuse for Esperanza and her family. Especially for the one year, they had to live in that rachet neighborhood. During the year, Esperanza grew significantly, both sexually and emotionally. She developed a crush, witnessed the body of a girl become that of a woman, and endured a sexual assault. Then, she begins to write about her life as a way to escape the neighborhood and her life.


Please describe all the main and supporting characters. Such as Esperanza : She is a young, Mexican-American narrator. She moved from crumby apartment to crumby apartment until she moves into a crumby house. She wants to be a writer and this book is about her first year on Mango Street.


Use your knowledge of culture and civil rights to discuss the following questions in relation to The House on Mango Street.


Name four different symbols that Cisneros uses in the book. Give specific examples and use specific quotes to back up your findings.


Explain, analyze and give specific examples of how the following themes are incorporated in The House on Mango Street.


We explore all the unique vocabulary words that this work comes across.