Book Worksheets

How to Get More Out of Your Books

This series of worksheets focuses on specific works of fiction, but how do you get the most out of what you read when you find a new title? The first thing you should do is make sure you understand the basic premise about what you are about to read. You can get a great deal of this by perusing the cover and making sure that you read any forewords that may be available. We highly suggest that you describe your purpose for reading this will help you define the critical steps that are necessary to help you achieve your goal. A good habit to get into is to preview each section of the book before you actually read it and then give it a really quick read and then come back at a later time and read it thoroughly. This has been found to greatly improve student reading comprehension.

Animal Farm

A true classic work of George Orwell. A work of fiction that explore a farm animal rebellion against a farmer.

Charlotte Doyle

This is a historic novel written by Ava an American author. It centers around the sailing of a ship from England to the U.S. in the early 19th century.

Charlotte's Web

The classic work of E.B. White of the adventures of a piggy and spider.

The House on Mango Street

Students learn all the elements of different types of work and how to recognize them.

Julius Caesar

The rise and fall of a civilization by the Master William Shakespeare.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Written by Harper Lee this novel explores civil rights and color-driven injustice.

Leo Lionni

This series of worksheets charts the works and accomplishments of the Italian-American author and illustrator.

Stuart Little

This series of worksheets explores the adventures of a crazy fun mouse named Stuart.

The Outsiders

S.E. Hinton explores the struggles of lower-class society through the eyes of brothers.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Follow a nine-year old Peter and his life with his brother (Fudge) that is two.

The Pearl

The 20th century novella written by Steinbeck tags along with Kino, a pearl diver. It explore the limits and faults of humanity.

The Pigman

This story presents the life of Angelo Pignati who collects statues of pigs, hence the name.

The Pinballs

The analogy of life as a foster kid sticks to the title like glue.

Tuck Everlasting

A fantasy novel by Natalie Babbit. The story follows Winnie as she learn of an immortal family (Tuck's).

A Wrinkle in Time

We follow Meg as she is transported through time with her younger brother.