Julius Caesar Worksheets

What is this book about?

Julius Caesar was one of the most initial plays written by Shakespeare. However, it turned out to be a beautiful portrayal of the richest piece of Roman history today. Caesar's death at the hands of fellow politicians and friends is the most talked piece of brilliance ever created. The play revolves around how conspirators convinced Caesar's friend, Brutus, to join their assassination plot against Caesar. To stop Julius Caesar's reign over Rome, Brutus and other jealous conspirators killed Caesar. In response, Mark Antony drove the conspirators out of Rome and fought Brutus and his partner Cassius in a death battle. Fortunately, Mark Antony defeated both of them, and they killed themselves, leaving Mark to rule over Rome.

Julius Caesar Quizzes

Answer the following questions in paragraph form. Use evidence from the play to support your answer. Check for understanding. We explore each act.

What is the Main Problem in the Book?

If you are a vivid reader, you would know that conflicts make a story worth reading. And when you have a book which has nothing more than conflicts; now, that makes things difficult. The book had both internal and external conflicts. However, a major conflict that arises is whether it was right for them to kill off Caesar or not? Initially, Brutus told Cassius that he should "be sorry" for the crime he is going to commit. However, Shakespeare never resolves whether they had a feeling of guilt or not. Moreover, we also do not know what they accomplished with their quest. We also do not know whether it was a crime or a favor for Rome.

Study Guides

A look at all chapters. Great to prepare for exams. How does Shakespeare make the common people appear fickle?

Who are the Main Characters in the Book?

Julius Caesar - Considered one of the greatest Roman General and Senator, Julius Caesar returned to Rome after a successful military campaign. Although Brutus Brutus - Brutus was a supporter of the republic. He believed that senators' votes should make a government. However, Brutus considers Caesar as a friend, fears that his friend can cause Rome problems. He has a strict sense of honor, which makes it easy for others to manipulate him. Antony - Antony was Julius's friend. He had to ally with Brutus and the other conspirators to save his life after Caesar's death. However, he showed great bravery at Caesar's funeral by withdrawing his allegiance with Brutus and announcing that he is a traitor. Cassius - Cassius was a talented General and long-time partner of Caesar. He didn't like that Caesar became a Godly figure in the eyes of Romans. He was the core conspirator in the story, where he made Brutus believe that Caesar only sought power.


This series helps you break down all of the characters. Helps students understanding the symbolism and characterization of the work. When the play starts, he is the only man in power, yet he ignores all of the warnings given to him regarding his death. Later on in the play his ghost haunts Brutus and Cassius, and seeks revenge on the conspirators.

What are the Themes of the Book?

William Shakespeare's masterpiece, Julius Caesar, demonstrates the dilemma between loyalty and humans' dark sides. With betrayal and barbarism at their peak, many characters show how power can change people. One theme which stood out among the rest is the Heroes vs. Villains. In other words, Caesar and Brutus fought off each other for the same thing, i.e., peace. Caesar becomes a hero in the battle, but Brutus believed that Caesar was an ambitious man. After his death, Brutus paints Caesar as a villain.

Why Julius Caesar is a Classic Piece of Literature?

Julius Caesar is ranked among the most significant literature to date. But what makes it such a classic? It starts with the Rome's great general-turned dictator; and the conspiracies that occur after his assassination. However, the pure essence of this exceptional drama is how Julius came into power after the civil war against his former triumvirate partner, Pompey. Several victories await this exceptional tyrant; which also makes him one of the most sought out historical figures today. What makes Shakespeare's masterpiece is how he made a dictator the main character, and a good guy. The people who assassinated him wanted democracy in Rome, which, in Shakespeare's opinion, is the antagonist in the play. It makes you wonder that the only thing Shakespeare hated more than a bad leader is the killing of one.