Leo Lionni Worksheets

A Brief Summary of Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni was a famous author, who wrote many children's books during his writing days. He also gained popularity for his designs, paintings, illustration, and sculptures. Born in 1910 to Dutch parents, and even though his education didn't have a proper arts degree, the passion was always there. With the business training he received, his interest in art and design grew extensively. As an author, he started his career in 1959, during which he wrote the book Little Blue and Little Yellow. After which he wrote almost 40 universally recognized children's books. Due to his achievements as an expert children's novelist, he received many awards. He died in October of 1999 in his home in Tuscany, Italy at 89 years of age.

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

This series of worksheets will help you track and keep a clear understanding all the way through you reading the work. Look at the book cover. Name some details that you notice from the cover of the book.

A Color of His Own

What does the title of the book tell you? Make some predictions about this story.


Do you have any questions about the story after reading half of it? Write them here. List some words in the story that are new to you.

Matthew's Dream

Think about the predictions that you made before you read the story. Where your predictions right?


What was your favorite part of the story? If you could talk to the author, what would you tell him after reading this book?