The Pearl Worksheets

A Brief Summary of The Pearl

In La Paz, a young pearl driver name Kino lives his happy life unless a scorpion stings his son name Coyotito. He does not have enough money for a wealthy town doctor’s fee. That is why Kino left the city with his wife Juana to save their child’s life. The same day, he swims and find a great pearl that is the Pearl of the World. Suddenly he become one of the richest people. This news about the World’s Pearl discovery spreads like a fire in the town and various thieves ready to steal it. Kino starts dreaming his marital life with Juana and about his son’s educational career. According him, the best academic career will give his son a freedom from poverty and ignorance. The reason of his wish is that his family has been facing an oppressed behavior of this world for more than four hundred years. Doctors make Kino fool by saying that his son is still not well and he needs further treatment under the doctor’s observation. However, his real aim was stealing the pearl. But Kino already buried it. When visit market to sell it, traders make him fool again and he could not sell it. Kino and his family had faced a worst catastrophic journey due to that damn pearl. In the end, he throws that cursed pearl into the sea.

Character Exploration

Describe the following characters and their role in the story.


At the end of the story, Kino tries to give Juana the pearl to throw in the water but she tells him, "No, you". What is the significance of Kino throwing the pearl back?

Setting and Plot

During the course of the story, the Pearl means different things to different people. Describe what it means to the following cast of characters.


There are many symbols in this story. Please list and describe three using specific examples and quotes.