The Pigman Worksheets

A Brief Summary of The Pigman

The Pigman is famous as a groundbreaking work of Zindel, the author. This novel is an adolescent fiction. It is the story of two high-school sophomores, Lorraine Jenson, and John Conlan. They have mutual absurd sense of humor and the same school boredom level. They make fool their teacher Mr. Pignati with their loser friends name Dennis, and Norton in the name of so-called “L. and J. Fund”. The master made their prank a reality with pure intentions and these idiots spend it on cigarettes and beer without guilt. The sinister Norton with his idiot friends enjoys party at Mr. Pignati house. He tells his evil plan of house break to John. Both idiots confess their lie regarding Fund. Problem resolves right way and master got heart attack. At the day of his discharge from hospital, Norton implement on his cruel plan and broke pig collection during vicious fight. Mr. Pignati get upset by seeing his house wreckage. The matter goes to the police station and teacher ends up crying. Next day, Lorraine and John apologize to their master with a pledge of helping in coverage. Mr. Pignati was quite so both idiots decided to visit zoo to change his mood. They got a news of Bobo’s (Mr. Pignati’s best friend) death. Mr. Pignati dies with heart attack. Guilt-stricken idiots Lorraine and John later write an epic memory of their friendship with their loving teacher Mr. Pignati.

Character Interpretations

Give full descriptions of the following characters giving specific examples of why you would use these descriptions.

Essay Questions

John and Lorraine love Mr. Pignati, even though their actions do not always shoe their true feelings. Why is it that these two, who are outcasts from other adults in their lives, connect on such a deep level with Mr. Pignati? List and describe at least five reasons.

Foreshadowing and Symbolism

Toward the end of the book, John speaks of a particular place being a symbol of death. Describe this place, how it felt to John and what happened there.


Define all these words as needed to truly master this work. They are broken into units of about twenty words each.