The Pinballs Worksheets

A Brief Summary of The Pinballs

An author Betsy Byars wrote this story called "The Pinballs". It is the story of orphan children live with Masons. Harvey has both broken legs as his father hit him accidentally during serious argument in car. His father became a functioning alcoholic when his mother left at his age of 7 or 8. Thomas J also a member of Manson family of 90-year-old twins as they received him into their yard at his age of one year old. He doesn't have a single memory of his actual memory. There is an outspoken child name Carlie live with Masons due to her mother's boyfriend and her consistent fight. Her behavior becomes rough but, still by knowing her house ambiance, she wishes to back home as soon as possible. Author highlighted her name as she is like a child as pin-balls that consistently bounce from one place to another. Living with Masons let them learn that they have no longer pin-ball children. This novel teaches characterization, forgiveness, family, and friendship as an eternal love. The reason is that in the end of the story, the life children changes on a positive note as they their characters and sagacity blooms.

Discussion Questions

What items do the Benson twins ask Thomas John to get from their house? Mrs. Mason tells Carlie that the children will all help each other. How is Carlie helping Harvey?